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Admissions & Graduates


The process of admissions to ESPOL – according to the National System of Admission and Leveling of the SENESCYT – is made up of the following four stages:

  1. Registration to the SNNA on the following webpage: www.snna.gob.ec

  2. Results of ENES Exam. The exam is graded over 1000 points. The minimum is 550 points.

  3. Applying. Students who approved the examine may apply up to 5 degree programs.

  4. Leveling. During this stage, the student will receive classes in basic sciences related to their area of studies in the degree program chosen. The program lasts 6 months.

To be promoted to the first level of the degree program, this preliminary leveling program must be approved. Students are given the opportunity to first do an exam in lieu of the level program and should they pass the exam, they are allowed to go directly to the start of the degree program