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Introduction to weather data searching tools management and analysis



Alessandro Pezzoli

Assistant professor at Politecnico di Torino and expert in Meteo-hydrological risk assessment and Weather risk management. His research considers bio-meteorological and climatological issues and sport performance assessment based on meteorological analysis.

Velia Bigi

PhD student in Urban and Regional Development at Politecnico di Torino. Her research focuses on vulnerability assessment of flood- related hazards as well as on Climate Change issues explored through the precipitation analysis.

Carlotta Quagliolo

PhD student in Urban and Regional Development at Politecnico di Torino. Research topic focused on climate change impacts on coastal urban areas through the integrated spatial analysis by coupling climate variables and ecosystem services values


Piattaforma WebEx Meetings

09.00 Ecuador Time (16.00CEST)

Overview on the different weather data types and the NCDC searching tool (NOAA)

  09.20 Ecuador Time (16.20CEST)

Analysis of precipitation and temperature data: the calculation of the WMO Indices through the software RClimdex

  09.50 Ecuador Time (16.50CEST)



10.00 Ecuador Time (17.00CEST)

Reconstructing urban weather database through the spatial interpolation method IDW: the case of Guayaquil

  10.30 Ecuador Time (17.30CEST)

Future development: Comparison and Bias-Correction of Satellite-Derived Precipitation Datasets at Local Level in Northern Kenya

  10.40 Ecuador Time (17.40CEST)

Q&A session