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Student Evelyn Landívar from Oceanography in "Pontificia Universidad Católica of Valparaíso" in Chile

"My exchange in Valparaiso was the most wonderful experience in my life. I did this academic exchange in the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Valparaíso in Chile, which allowed me to do good friendships from around the world, besides my own speciality (Oceanography).

I liked a lot to know the reality of Chile and contrast it to Ecuador. I knew the chilean culture; their habits, typical meals and something that called my attention: their way to express, due to they have a lot of slang. Besides, I got the pleasure to know some other cultures around the world thanks to the new friendships with exchange students from America, Europe and Asia.

At the beginning of the semester I never thought I could be so satisfied about the exchange in Chile, as I am now, after enjoying and learn every second what this opportunity brought me. I grew up as a person, I acquired a lot of new knowledge in my personal and professional life. This experience has been more than satisfactory, no doubt I would come back to Valparaiso... I'd come back to Chile."

Evelyn Landívar

Evelyn Landívar
Evelyn Landívar