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Townsend Valencia, Patrick Roger

Building 60A
Ingeniería Naval
Otros Cargos: 
Coordinador POA
Coordinador de Segumiento a Graduados
Profesor a tiempo completo en ESPOL
Profesor de: Materiales en Medios Marinos, Mecánica de Solidos I

Información de Hoja de Vida

Estudios realizados:
  • Currently PhD (c) in Naval and Ocean Engineering. School of Naval Engineers, ETSIN, Polytechnic University, Madrid – UPM, Spain, in development
  • M.S.E. Science and Technology of Polymers ", National University Distance Learning - UNED, Spain, 2012
  • Postgraduate Courses in Ocean Structures - Federal University of Rio,1994
Experiencia Académica:
  • Faculty of Maritime Engineering, ESPOL, since 2001
  • Merit Diploma for Teaching, Faculty of Engineering Maritime, ESPOL, 2009
  • Merit Diploma for Teaching, Faculty of Engineering Maritime, ESPOL, 2006
  • Meritorious Award for Philanthropic Society of Guayas, for the conduct and utilization obtained during the years of study at ESPOL, 1993
Membresía para profesionales y/o asociaciones científicas:
  • Society of Naval Engineers of Ecuador
  • IPEN Pan American Institute of Naval Architects
Experiencia Profesional:
  • Business Advisory Promavi in the construction and repair project of 4 pelagic fishing vessels in Chimbote - Peru; and rebuilding the fishing DeMarco I, 2013
  • Technical check and assessment Astiguayas Shipyard in operating conditions and maintenance, 2009
  • Preparation of the ship "La Portada", for SOLAS inspection, 2002.
  • Chief operating officer, to lead the reconstruction of two sardine vessels of 210 tons, 1998
Actividades Profesionales, Últimos 5 años:
  • Course ISPS Internal Auditor certify "Protection Code and Port Security "- ABS_Consulting, Antofagasta, Chile, 2004
  • Preparation of the complete design of a scrap yard for ships large size, Company Novacero SA, 2012
  • Construction supervision of Genesis Solar Catamaran for the Galapagos Islands, INER – Ecuador, 2014

The Prepregs from Aerospace to nautical,2015

Hydraulic Oil flow increase in fishing equipment, a sardine boat of 210 tons